Meal Planning Help for Free!

Do you have so much free time that you simply don’t know what to do with it all?  Do you have hours and hours to plan meals for your family? If you do, I want to know your secret! Between work and kids and homework and soccer pratice, sometimes it feels like a miracle that everyone got dinner! But luckily, there is help on the way.

According to their website, Food on the Table is an easy meal planning service that is based on sales at local grocery stores. With Food on the Table, you will be able to find thousands of easy, healthy recipes and save money by knowing the items that are on sale.  The goal is to simplify your shopping experience with a well organized grocery list.

And the best part? It is FREE. Normally you can only plan up to 3 meals a week for free and for more than that, you have to upgrade to the premium version for $5 a month. But if you use the code SPRINGFREE you will get the premium membership for nothing. Yahooo!  And it is free for forever; it’s not one of those “free for a month and then you have to cancel” deals. I don’t know about you, but I can always use help coming up with healthy, easy to make meals for my family. Food on the Table does just that.

Sign up for Food on the Table…more free time might just be in your future!

Amy Leneker
Amy spends the majority of her time herding feral cats in the office, and at home. She lives inOlympia,Washington with her husband and their two small children. She is always searching for a bargain, and has never met a coupon she didn’t like.

Don’t miss these deals from Kellogg’s


Are mornings hectic at your house? It seems that no matter how much I try to organize everything and plan the night before, there is always something that comes up. Missing homework, a soccer practice we didn’t know about, a science project due the next day, you get the idea. But luckily, breakfast doesn’t have to be hectic!

Kellogg’s offers lots of healthy breakfast choices for families on the go (like mine). My kids are big fans of Eggo waffles, and if I serve them with peanut butter and fruit and a glass of milk, I feel almost no mommy guilt about serving them breakfast from the freezer. If you sign up for Kellogg’s coupons, the price of Eggo waffles can be even less than the store brand.

Once you sign up for the coupons you’ll also get coupons for their other products, too. And if you time it right, you can combine those savings with your store’s coupons and sale prices to save big. I did that recently at Fred Meyer and got Eggo waffles for less than a dollar a box. That is a big discount and even better than buying waffles in bulk at Costco.

If you haven’t already signed up, do it today! There will be some great coupons and less hectic mornings in your future.

Amy Leneker spends the majority of her time herding feral cats in the office, and at home. She lives in Olympia, Washington with her husband and their two small children. She is always searching for a bargain, and has never met a coupon she didn’t like.


Stock up on Easter groceries!

Easter is just a couple of days away! Are you stocked up on all of your food supplies? If not, you still have some time to get out to your local Giant. In this week’s circular, you will find some great ways to save some cash for the holiday weekend.

One of the first things you may notice in this week’s circular is a purple icon, which says, ” Earn 3X Gas Points”. This offer is available on, what else, but an Easter staple: ham. Choose from GIANT Spiral Sliced Half or Whole Ham, GIANT Smoked Ham Shank Portion, GIANT Boneless Whole Ham, Berks or Hatfield Whole Boneless Ham, Nature’s Promise Spiral Sliced Ham Half. With gas prices being as high as they are, you might as well earn some additional points while your spending cash for Easter dinner.

Giant also has a variety of other Easter goodies on sale. Make sure to take your store card with you on your shopping trip to enjoy the following sales and specials:

Flowing Tulip, Hyacinth or Daffodil plants – $5.99 each (save $1 each)
Easter Lily plants – $6.99 each
Easter M&M Candies – 2 for $6
Hershey’s Easter Bunny or Egg six pack – 2 for $7
Easter Peeps – 2 for $3
GIANT Easter Egg Novelty Cake – $9.99
Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits – 3 for $5
Coca-Cola 2 Liter bottles –  5 for $5 (must buy 5)
GIANT Soda 12-pack – 4 for $11
Nature’s Promise Fresh Boneless Strip Steak – $9.99/pound
Baby carrots, Celery hearts or Romaine hearts – 2 for $5
Buy one Sara Lee Oven Fresh Pie and get GIANT whipped topping for free!
Buy $30 worth of iTunes gift cards and receive $5 off of your next order

Happy Easter! And, happy saving!

Yes, organic couponing exists!

When my family went organic a few years ago, I thought it would be nearly impossible not to break the bank. And, I thought deals and savings were out of the question for healthy and organic food items. After all, you rarely see coupons for organic products in the weekly circulars. Just recently, it occurred to me to scour the internet for organic coupons, just to see what I could come up with. Much to my surprise, and delight, I found several sites that offer coupons for my family’s favorite organic items. Printing coupons right from my computer has been more fun, and easy, than literal coupon clipping.

Look around for some mom blogs that round up deals and specials on natural and organic products. I personally like conferring with Organic Deals. This blog compiles the week’s best organic food sales, toiletry products, magazine and other health-related items.

Mambo Sprouts is a great couponing site where you can find and print coupons for organic and natural products. I personally love this site! It typically has a great variety of brands and offers that I can almost always find a few coupons my family can use. Expect to see brands like Nature’s Path, Country Choice Organic, Earth Balance, CLIF and Kiss My Face.
In addition, you can visit company Web sites to find coupons or other offers specific to that brand. Oftentimes you can sign up for newsletters, in which you receive company news and information, as well as coupons and special offers. I personally enjoy receiving Stonyfield and Seventh Generation deals in my inbox!

Slash your grocery bill in half!

Before I started couponing, I spent an average of $200 each week at the grocery store (we are a family of four plus a dog and a fish). Couponing has allowed me to cut that bill in HALF. I now only spend an average of $100 each week. That’s a huge savings!

It’s important to note that I’m not saving money but scrimping on healthy meals. It’s just the opposite. I continue to cook healthy meals for my family (ok, with the occasional takeout!) but full of lots of fruits and vegetables. So how do I do it? is a big part of the answer! has great coupons for many of the items I need in my grocery cart.

Here are two tips to get even bigger savings:

Tip number 1: Combine savings with in-store ad prices and in-store coupons. It is called the coupon triple threat and it’s a great deal! When you find an item already on sale, and can layer on a coupon on top of it, the savings really add up. This is a great time to stock up on the items your family uses (think toothpaste, granola bars, paper towels, etc).

Tip number 2: works off zip codes. If you change the zip code, you get a whole different set of coupons. This has equaled big savings for me! A quick google search can help you find the coupon you need (and often the zip code for

Before you know it, you’ll be saving more than you’re spending!

Amy Leneker spends the majority of her time herding feral cats in the office, and at home. She lives inOlympia,Washington with her husband and their two small children. She is always searching for a bargain, and has never met a coupon she didn’t like.

Save on Frozen Food at Giant

As you may have noticed at their stores and in their sales flyer, Giant is celebrating Frozen Food Month during the month of March. When you spend $75 or more on frozen food, and you use your Giant BONUSCARD, you will receive a 10 percent off receipt that you can use toward a future order. But, the sale ends this Saturday, March 24, so you have just a few days to stock up your freezer and enjoy some savings on your grocery bill!

You also have until this Saturday to save $5 instantly on any six participating items in a single transaction, also as part of Frozen Food Month at Giant. Just check out the flyer for products that qualify, and make sure you take your Giant BONUSCARD with you to the store. Expect to see participating brands such as Haagen-Das, Yoplait, Buitoni, Alexia and Pillsbury. Remember you only have until this Saturday, March 24. So, when you do your normal grocery shopping this week and weekend, make sure you stock up on some frozen goodies. Your freezer and tummy will thank you!

Free (and almost free!) items at Target

Did you get the Target ad in your paper this week? It is full of great deals! I needed an excuse to go to Target anyway, so I was happy to take full advantage of the coupons. I even got a few items for free, and isn’t that the best price?!

I should be clear that I am not one of those extreme couponers you see on TV. I haven’t been able to buy 17 carts of groceries for only 17 cents (and frankly, I’m not sure I’m buying it that others have, either). But I do love to coupon and I love to score good deals and that’s just what I did at Target.

Target’s ad is full of store coupons, which means you can layer them with manufacture coupons to get the best deal. I was able to do that and scored four great deals:

  • Nexcare bandages: Target coupon for 75 cents off; manufacture coupon for $1 off equals= FREE.
  • Aquafresh kids toothpaste: Target coupon for $1 off; manufacture coupon for $1 off equals= FREE (A good couponing tip: my manufacture coupon came from my kids’ dentist. Always be on the look out for coupons.)
  • Greeting cards: Target coupon for $2 off 3 cards. I bought 3 cards for $1.99 each equals=$4.

And don’t forget to look on the back of the ad – there is a coupon for a FREE $5 gift card when you spend $75. As if I needed another excuse to go back to Target!

Amy Leneker
Amy spends the majority of her time herding feral cats in the office, and at home. She lives in Olympia,Washington with her husband and their two small children. She is always searching for a bargain, and has never met a coupon she didn’t like.

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